Volvo V70 - VISION X XPR-12M

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For installation somehwere else than authorized Volvo service station:
Please note this kit is not using Volvo original wire harness system, instead this is supposed to be connected directly on the cables of the bulb or into the connector to the left headlight. If you want to install this light bar and want to be able to syncrorise it into the vehicles menu system at Volvo authorized service station please use this kit instead: VOL-XPR12MKIT 

Included in the package:

- Vision X 24" XPR-12M LED ligth bar (see more information blow)
- All necessary connectors and wire relay harness with fuses included
- Vehicle specific mounting clams for quick and secure installation
- Installation guide is provided by e-mail after order.

Information about the LED light bar:
XPR-12M has the perfect mixture of distance, with and a smooth beam pattern, with 6pcs tilted reflectors for cornering and 6pcs straight reflectors for distance. High-efficiency 10W LEDs from the latest generation of LEDs ensures that the XPR delivers a great light with an incredible strength that will impress the pickiest user.

The very unique light beam pattern has the shape of a horizontal hourglass which covers the sides with light both horizonal and vertical so you'll be able to detect dangers along the road both slightly above or below the car. While in the middle the light is lower to able to reach further without wasting too much light in the air straight ahead or just down in the road.

XPR-12M using the so-called IRIS reflectors with multioptics with 70° secondary beam and 45° degree beam to the sides for sharp cornering, 25° for mild cornering and 15° and 6,5° beam angle for better view further down the road.

There are 3 different optic systems in the XPR line-up:
1) XPR, regular. (example XPR-9) 6.5 ° in the center lights up really well and a 70 ° secondary light image gives you both a long light image with some spread. XPR Regular is available in sizes 6 "to 17".
2) XPR-S, spot. (example XPR-H9S) with 5 ° midpoint and even more focus, resulting in an extremely long light image with almost double range to standard XPR but less width of light. About 70 ° secondary light image. The XPR-S is also equipped with Halo, backlighting that can be connected to the car's position light or dipped beam. The article number contains an "H" for the HALO function. XPR-S is available in sizes 6 "to 49".
3) XPR-M, multi-optics (example XPR-9M) If you want more focus on width for curvy roads, the very unique XPR-M series with 6.5° beam angle in the middle is after which the reflectors are outwardly twisted like a solar spring, for example. XPR-9M: 45° - 25° - 15° - 6.5° - 6.5° - 6.5° - 15° - 25° - 45° and about 70 ° which results in the most thoughtful, unique and Smooth light image that does not light on the height straight on but high and wide outward sides, which is exactly what you need along small roads. XPR-M is available in sizes 19-51

Mounting systems:
XPR comes with two different mounting brackets in the box that allows mounting the ramp in each end, alternative to more traditional bracket with the so-called maturity-rails at the bottom of the ramp. XPR can easily be mounted on both passenger cars and trucks with a very competitive price in relation to the length of light and brightness.

General features:
* Harnessing both power and distance in compact housing
* 5.5 years function warranty – top of the line quality
* Unbreakable glass - flexible polycarbonate lens
* Heavy duty construction – can withstand vibrations up to 15,6Grms
* Built in EMC interference filter - won't disturb vehicles electronic systems
* Fully moisture proof lamp housing - no moisture problems.
* Active temperature control with Prime Drive and ETM. In order to get the intensity and luminous flux that Xmitter Prime possesses, read more further down and in Vision X LED School:

About Vision X:
Vision X, an American company in the forefront of LED lighting, has now released LED lamps with the brand new and unique Prime Drive technology. It allows for more light flow from the diodes than was previously possible.

Prime Drive technology is a so-called (PWM) Pulse Width Modulation which "pulses" the LED faster than the eye can perceive and thus lowers the operating temperature of the diode. When the working temperature is lowered, the diode can be operated harder with a sustained total service life and without the light output weakening after a time of use. The Prime Drive illumination allows the diode to operate at 90% of full power continuously without overheating, yet giving the LED a life of 50,000 hours.

Electronic Thermal Management (ETM) is integrated into the lamp and monitors the heat output of the diodes to maintain the intensity of the diode and to avoid discoloration and failure etc. which occurs if the heat becomes too high.


E-marked ECE R112 ref. 30
Housing: Rigid anodised aluminium
Voltage: 11-32V
Amp. draw: 10 Amp vid 12V
IP-rating: IP68 + IP69K
Vibration class: 15.6G
Temperature span: -40°C - +80°C
Height: 70mm (utan fäste)
Depth: 80mm
Width: 610mm
Watt: 120
LED: 12
Raw lumen: 12948 lm
Effektiva lumen: 9064 lm
Lens: Polycarbonate
Beam pattern: 6,5° + 15°+ 25° + 45° + 70° combined beam pattern with smooth transformation from spot to flood.